four season live about

…… first post ….

This is it, and I make it, it is not like that this is my first time make blog and then said ” I make it”. I said that because actually I have another blog ( more than one ), but it is tumblr and blogger. I can’t use it in normal ways because here I am, to access that I need a VPN. so I make this one,

( please don’t think that I am lebay {do to much} )

and please if my sentence have wrong let me know so I can make it better, my english not that good. but good enough to be here. and even every days I spoke in english, but I didnt care about grammar things, so please correct my english when you find some error.

this  site name is four season live, because that the first thing come up to my mind when I want to make a blog. I mean for seriously to write blog, I want to share my journey here. Mu dear friend says that ” sayang kalau ceritamu itu cuma aku yang dengar” that after I spent couple hours in her room keep talking about my life here after 4 month. That is my big reason I want to write something publicly not only in my book or in my chat with friend.

my uncle always say : ” kita ga tau perkataan kita yang mana yang akan menginspirasi orang lain.” so, I will try to speak up about everything. Not because I really want to become inspiring women, just because I want to inspiring my own self to keep going. When I get down I will open all the story I had told, to remember why I am here now, to get better.

Semoga Istiqomah…


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